About the TAD

A HSU Artist Information and Education Center

Welcome to the Tribute Artist Database and Education Center where you can read information about the Musical Artist and Composers that we pay Tribute too. This is a good source for complete Artist Official Links, Artist Music Store links through Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes, along with some Artist bio info and media gallery images. This Database does not include Actors or Directors unless that Actor or Director is also a musical artist that we have payed Tribute to, such as in the the case of Horror Master and Composer, John Carpenter.

Silhouettes of the Crowds

Artist Database List

To access the Tribute Artist Database (TAD), you will need to choose an Artist from the alphabet list below. Solo Artist are listed by Last name, Bands are listed by the beginning letter of the Band. (ex. Elton John will be listed under J, Fleetwood Mac will be listed under F, Goo Goo Dolls will be listed under G, Hans Zimmer will be listed under Z, and so on). Once selected, the alphabet letter will open the Artist Database List (ADL) for that letter where you can then choose the Artist you are looking for, if that information has been uploaded. If no Artist info has been uploaded for that letter, then the letter link has not opened yet. Clicking on either the Artist image or 'Read More' link will then open the TAD Page for that particular Artist giving you more details which includes a bio, members of the Band or group, when and where they were formed, along with their official link and their Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes Store links.


Please Note - Currently at the launch of Harbinger, this is a WIP update as we will continue to upload more Artist on a daily or weekly basis, so please bear with us. We are adding a lot of information so it will take some time for us to get up to speed with a more completed list and database. You can always check back periodically to see if the Artist you are looking for has been added. We expect to have a more completed list available by the time the Beyond Timeline arrives.