Welcome to the
HSU Titan Home 

The Titan Home is a separate HSU site that is located within the HSU Wix Server. This side of the site houses the Complete Titan Library along with  the Tribute Artist Database (TAD). The database will give you a complete list of all Artist that HSU pays Tribute to. You can always tell where you within each HSUFGS Site Group by looking at the top center underneath the top main navigation bar which tells you on which site home you are currently located.


this site version is pre-alpha (beta V2)
it is subject to change  before
final alpha release coming 2022


About The Titan Library

The Titan Library contains the entire Tribute Album Collection (TAC), the Tribute Artist Database (TAD), and the Spotify Tribute Artist Playlist (TAP).


The TAC is divided into two groups which contains the Tribute Album Blog (TAB) Pages, which has replaced the previous Tribute Album Homepages last seen on Infusion, and the Retired Tribute Albums (RTA) Gallery which details information about retired albums.


You can access the TAB through the Tribute Album Gallery (TAG) on the official Flagship or by using the TAB menu on Titan.


The TAD contains basic information about the Artist that we pay tribute to along with Artist official links and the music store links at the Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes. 


The TAD was made to be accessed through an alphabetical list of the Artist that we pay Tribute by giving easier access to all Artist through a comprehensive database.